Coworking in Canberra Again!

Polycademy is currently looking for companies/entrepreneurs to share the cost via coworking of our office. You'll have it pretty much to yourself throughout morning to afternoon. I may just use it at night.

It's a grade A officespace in 7 London Circuit Canberra, a room that can hold 5. It has dedicated bandwidth (wireless and wired internet), receptionists, air conditioning, furnishings, furniture (3 desks, 5 chairs), wireless projector and a whiteboard. There's also enough power outlets for several computers. This place is close to the city, and you'll be working next to various consultancies.

The place is currently worth 4800 every 3 months. However I can provide it to you for about 1400 per month (no contract). This includes the whole package! You can store whatever you want in the room.

If you’re interested, contact me at I can take you up for a look.

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