Introducing PHP Bounce, mission based REPL for PHP

You've heard of Codecademy right? It's an amazing service. One thing they lack however is a REPL for PHP. A REPL stands for "Read Evaluate Print Loop". That's basically what Codecademy is doing but obviously with gamified elements and code testing to see if you did it correctly. Today after 1 week of 24/7 hacking and 70 hrs of coding, I present to you PHP Bounce. The only educational (mission based) REPL for PHP on the market today, exclusive to Polycademy!

PHP Bounce Logo

It still currently very beta, and only has one mission on it right now. But I will be furiously adding new lessons. More importantly, PHP Bounce will be used in Polycademy's classes to teach the basics of PHP and programming algorithms.

The website url is currently at "". I haven't brought it into Polycademy's server due to possible security reasons, but I made it as difficult to crack as possible. There's a lot of backend magic happening. After stress testing it with a couple of users (and that means you!), I'll see if I can integrate it safely.

Enjoy playing around with it, make sure to keep checking back for missions.

By the way, we have a competition for a fully paid scholarship at Polycademy worth $5000. Check it out at the loop. Get in quick!

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