Web UX and UI events from Polycademy

Did you know Polycademy is running a series of free events/conferences in Canberra that shows people how to deploy simple web pages and other goodies (like understanding the tech stack) for free?

I call them the "Polyhack" events. Get it? :)

Anyway, the first one scheduled is on the 15th of January 2013. The event page is on our Facebook and Eventbrite. Official registration is via Eventbrite. The location hasn't been determined but will be dependent on the number of signups. So there are 50 spots available, so get in there quick: http://polyhack-es2.eventbrite.com.au/

I'm thinking of running a few more events also under the name Polyhack (not live yet!) so make sure to subscribe/like us on FB or Twitter so you can keep up to date with us!

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