Refund Policy

Effective date: January 12th 2013

1. The Agreement

This agreement is between the student (STUDENT) and Polycademy (POLYCADEMY) regarding its courses.

2. The Courses

Training will be a combination of lectures, curated content, competitions and practical exercises.There is no requirement for after-hours work, but it is expected that because of the intense nature of the training STUDENT might need to work evenings and weekends. STUDENT assumes full responsibility for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

3. Tuition

STUDENT understands that a deposit ($500) and is due within 1 day of accepting this agreement and being accepted to POLYCADEMY. This is effective for both upfront and weekly payments.

If STUDENT elects to pay upfront, the remainder of the upfront payment is due within 21 days of signing this agreement.

If STUDENT elects to pay weekly, the first week's payment is due within 21 days of signing this agreement. If STUDENT is paying weekly, then the deposit will be refunded at the course's completion.

The deposit is non-refundable if the STUDENT elects to cancel the agreement.

4. Investment & Employment

POLYCADEMY will make earnest efforts to connect STUDENT with tech investors and recruiters. However POLYCADEMY does not offer any formal qualifications. It does not guarantee you investment in your project or employability afterwards.

5. Termination of Agreement

STUDENT may leave POLYCADEMY at any time and get their pro-rated tuition back. This does not include their $500 deposit. POLYCADEMY reserves the right to terminate STUDENT’s training at any point and return their pro-rated tuition to them