Got an idea for an application that will change the world?

let’s build it together


Envision your idea. Setup a team with potential cofounders. Learn about the nature of web application development, agile methodologies, and the MVP philosophy.


From web design to programming & databases to front end scripting. It’s a full stack workout. You learn while you build, it will be practical and intensive.


Bootstrap your idea and test it live. Polycademy helps you with hosting, entrepreneurship, acquiring mentorship, potential employers and investors.

At Polycademy we turn people into web developers in 11 weeks.



Students come with different backgrounds and locations, which allows a cross pollination of ideas.


Develop your soft skills in communication, delegation, collaboration and team building.


Design based on minimum viable product so you can test your idea’s commercial potential quickly.

Intellectual Property

Everything you build is yours. We’ll use Github to host your open source code for free.

Solution Stack

Learn how to setup the development environment and the solution stack to run your app.

Code for Australia

Get involved in building applications for open gov and community organisations.



Make use of the semantic web and bend this ubiquitous web platform to your will.


Go interactive with Javascript, jQuery, and AngularJS to make your web app come to life.

Codeigniter PHP

Use PHP & the Codeigniter framework to write industry standard MVC applications.


Compress, cache, refactor, fork and use CDNs to make your app zoom!


Learn how to authenticate requests, secure passwords, and protect against common attacks.

Git Source Control

Use Git to collaborate and version control code, and get developer cred through social coding at Github.


Live Testing

Go live with your newly built MVP prototype and gain market traction.


Learn the strategies of entrepreneurship and the opportunities to turn your project into a business.


Established entrepreneurs, developers & designers volunteer their time to help with your personal development.

Investors & Employers

Finally a careers/pitching fair will get you and your work noticed by employers and investors.

We started up in Canberra, the nation's capital.

The Team


Polycademy is located at 525 Harris Street, see it here. Right in the heart of Sydney! 10 minute walk from Central Station. (Our Canberra office is at Entry 29).


The classroom is located at: Vibewire, 525 Harris Street, Sydney, Australia

The classroom is situated at the Vibewire Coworking place. It includes whiteboards, projectors, tables, and chairs to help students collaborate.

The place is open day & night for students to chill our or study together.

Class has already started, register your interest and get informed!