Coworking in Canberra

Unfortunately Entry 29 won't be ready for our February launch. However I found a good place at 7 London Circuit in the same building as NICTA. We'll most likely use at night time, so during the day it will be wasted. So I'm looking for companies/entrepreneurs to share the cost of the space.

It's a grade A officespace in Canberra, a room that can hold 15 people. It has dedicated bandwidth, receptionists, air conditioning, furnishings, furniture (15 desks and chairs), projector and whiteboard. It's also possible to have full computer access to the multiple computers in the room. This is not for individual entrepreneurs, but for groups of people or a small company with a few employees.

The place will be only about $5000 every 3 months. So $1667 per month ($55 per day about a $100 cheaper than the other Canberra Coworking Space). This includes the whole package! If you’re interested, contact me at

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